Where does your donation go?

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Where does your donation go?

Where does your monetary or food donation to Project Topeka go? First, your donation is used to provide food for the hungry in the local community. Project Topeka supports seven local agencies: Doorstep, Inc., Fellowship & Faith Ministries, Inc., I-Care Inc., Let’s Help, The Salvation Army, Topeka North Outreach, and The Topeka Rescue Mission. Your donation will help each of these organizations feed the hungry in Topeka and Shawnee County.

Second, because Project Topeka is an all-volunteer organization, no money is used for salaries so your donation is used specifically to help these organizations provide food assistance.

Finally, by supporting Project Topeka, you are helping those in the most need in your community. Hunger is a growing issue Topeka with many people being forced to choose between buying food or paying for utilities, medicine, housing, etc. Your donation helps by providing them with the food they need and provide them with a hand up in their everyday lives.

Make a donation today and help Project Topeka combat hunger. For more information, please contact us.

Childhood Poverty in Shawnee Cty

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Childhood poverty

Children under age five experience the highest rate of poverty for any age group, with 17% living below the poverty line.

Our highest rate of poverty is experienced by single mothers with children under the age of 5 (43%) followed by single mothers who have children under 5 and children from 5 to 17 (39%). The lowest poverty rate is reported for married couple families with children 5 to 17 (2%).

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Who Project Topeka Helps Every Day

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Who We Help Every Day

According to information provided by Topeka MAACLink, 57% of our food recipients are Caucasion, 24% African American, 16% Hispanic and 4% Native American. 47% of those served are children or elderly.

The working poor are the largest group of families (41%) receiving emergency food assistance.

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Project Topeka Affiliated Food Banks

Doorstep, Inc.  •  Fellowship & Faith Ministries, Inc.  •  I-Care, Inc.  •  Let's Help  •  The Salvation Army  •  Topeka North Outreach  •  Topeka Rescue Mission