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Help Project Topeka raise funds and/or food! Here are a few ideas to get you started...


  • Pancake breakfast
  • Potluck luncheon
  • Ice cream social
  • Chili cook-off    
  • Pizza luncheon
  • Bake sale
  • Pie eating contest
  • Pie throwing contest
  • Potluck cookbook – recipes are brought with food and made available for sale in book form


  • Tricycle race
  • Golf tournament
  • Putting contest with marshmallows
  • Penny or quarter collection contest between departments
  • "Guess Who" Photo Contest: baby pictures, grade school pictures or pet photos
  • Paper airplane toss
  • Basketball shooting contest
  • Balloon busts: sit on balloons to burst them in the least amount of time
  • Bubble gum blowing contest
  • Yo-yo contest

Sales, Silent Auctions, Drawings

  • Theme basket, such as Castaway Basket with DVD, popcorn, and cola; KU baskets; K-State baskets, chocolate, etc.
  • Balloon-a-Gram
  • Parking space
  • Someone to come to your house to do two hours of chores or wash your car
  • Items donated by employees or vendors
  • Carnation or flower sale
  • 50-50 pot, with half going to the food drive and half going to the winner

Just Plain Silly

  • "Flamingo" an office, with 6 flamingos for $5.  Recipient must pay to have flamingos removed, or pay extra to transfer them to someone else's office. "Flamingo insurance" is another way to add to the contributions.
  • Kiss a pig: Manager whose donation jar has the most money kisses the pig.
  • Ugly tie or hat day
  • Dress down day or theme day (Western, Hawaiian, Halloween, etc.)

Project Topeka Affiliated Food Banks

Doorstep, Inc.  •  Fellowship & Faith Ministries, Inc.  •  I-Care, Inc.  •  Let's Help  •  The Salvation Army  •  Topeka North Outreach  •  Topeka Rescue Mission