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2555164 mSince 1986, Project Topeka Community Food Drive has been providing food for hungry families through its annual February food collection effort.

Begun under the name Project Concern, the drive started as a cooperative effort by the Community Resources Council, KSNT-TV 27, and the Junior League of Topeka. The name was changed to Project Topeka Community Food Drive the following year to reflect the focus on people helping people in the community.

Since that initial drive, which produced, 58,000 food items, or approximately 14.5 tons of food, Project Topeka Community Food Drive has grown to collect the equivalent of nearly 200 tons of food annually for distribution through seven local food banks.

Thanks to the volunteer efforts of the its executive board and steering committee, Project Topeka Community Food Drive has no overhead. All proceeds, whether food or cash, go directly to supplying the food pantries.

Through MAACLink software developed by the Mid-America Assistance Coalition, participating agencies have access to a database to track usage of their services to avoid duplication of services.

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Project Topeka Affiliated Food Banks

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