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Food Box small 2Linda Kehres, executive director, Let’s Help says the organization couldn’t afford its Food Box program without the support of Project Topeka. The program provides almost 3,600 food boxes a year through Let’s Help’s Emergency Services Department.

The Food Box program is a stop gap for people in crisis. People are only eligible for the service once every 60 days. A Let’s Help emergency services intake specialist works with potential clients to learn how they got into their situation and tries to help them find a way to get back on their own feet.

A Food Box contains such items as two cans of corn, two cans of green beans, tuna, peanut butter and other items. Its size varies up or down by the size of the family needing help.

“The biggest problem we’re seeing is not with the homeless. It’s the working poor. They’re really trying to make it. It’s just hard when you’re making minimum wage,” Kehers says.

Let’s Help got its start in 1969 when its founder served meals from the trunk of her car. Today the organization has a staff of eight helping people with medical emergencies, clothing, food boxes and financial assistance with utilities.

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